Jo Daniëls

About me

I always have the urgent need to visualize my surroundings. That was one of the reasons I started photography in the early eighties. At that time I bought my first camera, a Ricoh DSLR, and began to take images of my family and some landscapes.

But I became more enthusiastic and eager to learn more about the technical part of photography in general and capture images in specific. That is why I bought a Nikon D750.

Recently I bought a Fuji XT2. I know that a basically a camera is just a tool to capture an image, but I am very optimistic that the quality and technical options of this camera will improve my photography skills.

Jo Daniëls

My favorite photographers are the landscape photographer Nigel Danson (UK) and the nature photographer Bob Luijks (NL). Both are very enthusiastic and inspiring photographers.

The basic rule of Nigel Danson is simplicity and patience. This is key when capturing an image based on the four basic elements of photography: Subject - Composition - Light - Timing.
He shares his amazing images and photography knowledge via multimedia and various workshops.

Bob Luijks is active for more then ten years. His record is a long and amazing history as a Nature Photographer. Basically his rules and basic elements are equal to the one of Nigel Danson.
He also shares his outstanding images and photography knowledge via multimedia, workshops and since this year (2018) also in his monthly “Natuurfotografie” magazine.

Being unique is very difficult to achieve because almost everything is already done.
For me the best images are those who are telling a story in its most simple way.

My goal is to enjoy photography and do what inspires me to explore myself.

In case you have a question or a remark to one of my images you can contact me via email at

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”